Challenges and Successes!!!

Chastidy R

Never give up in bad or good times

i have ups and downs in my life and i have stayed positive most of the time so I never give. I'm learning how to do barrels and I do Ranch classes it vary challenging but i have won most classes.


last year and present day

It is important because I never gave up when I trained to do things and if I would have been different by how I react to when I mess up and fall and I would give up and quit. I have learned that life can take me anywhere if is succeed and learn from mistakes. I have grown by how I learn in school and pay attention. I act the way I do because of how I do things and learn and make mistakes.

The plot

First time I got bucked of I was riding with no saddle and i fell on my face and I was scared and stunned so a second and got back on. A month later I came out with a plastic sac and he was freaking out and i had no idea why he was doing this and this was the first thing I worked on and still working on it. To day he is more relaxed and is still scared of plastic sac's but I have been working on it so he isn't scared of it and I never give up and these event contributes to my theme because I have never gave up on working on him and I always get back on when I fall.

I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz Lyrics