Nord's Newsletter

May 2-6, 2016


Last week, the students worked very hard in writing their biography notes, organizing them and writing their rough draft. I read about half of the drafts this weekend, so on Monday, students will be finishing them during their Dailies. The students are wanting to type their final report using google chrome.

The essential question in Wonders this week is "What are different kinds of energy?" The students will learn about the traditional types of energy using fossil fuels but also gain new knowledge using alternative energy sources that are better for the environment. With the story this week, students will asking and answering questions about the text along with finding cause and effect relationships in the text.


A couple of weeks back, the 3rd grade team had a meeting with the 4th grade teachers. We had great conversations on what the 3rd graders coming into 4th are strong and weak at in math. One weakness we are going to build on this week will be subtracting with regrouping. About 50% of the students can subtract with regrouping once. Not a lot of emphasis is spent on this skill in EDM, so this week we plan to regroup not only once but twice, subtract using zeros and subtract using 3-4 digit numbers.


On Friday 4/29, students had the last class time to work on their health/nutrition matrix. I spent time over the weekend looking over all of the science journals to check if each assigned lesson had notes written. Students will spend their spare time in Dailies or recesses to complete the missing items in their matrix.

This week, we will be covering several of the body systems...skeletal, muscles, cardio/respiratory.

Schedule for the Week

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art & Library
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Friday: Guidance & Computer