First Day of School Reminders

August 25th

Back to School Paperwork

Students can turn in their back to school paperwork during first period. Be sure to turn in your Chromebook deposit and your AUP if you would like your child to take home their device each night.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Students will be required to wear a mask. If your child does not have a mask, they will be given one as they enter the building.

School Supplies

Students will be able to drop off school supplies in classrooms on the first day. Students should keep pens, pencils, and paper in their own backpacks. Full-sized backpacks are allowed in classrooms. Athletic clothes or equipment can be dropped off in the locker room before school starts.

Drop-Off Time/Information

Our doors will open at 7:25am in the morning. Students who have Algebra 1 or Agriculture during 1st period will be dropped off at the high school. Students will report to first period to have temperatures taken and then they will be released to eat breakfast if needed.


Students will need to sit by families on the bus. Students are encouraged to wear a mask while at the bus stop and while riding the bus.