Wyatt DeMoss

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- Name: Athena

- Goddess

- Immortal

- Also Known As: Goddess of war and wisdom

- Greek Goddess Of: Wisdom and war

- Roman Name: Minerva

- Mother: Metis

- Father: Zeus

- Children: None

- Husband: None


01. A few of her siblings are Apollo, Ares, and Artemis.

02. She has more siblings including half-brothers and half-sisters.

03. Athena was associated with domestic crafts.

04. She invented spinning, weaving, the plow, and the rake.

05. She assisted many Greek heroes in their quests including Hercules, Jason, Odysseus, and Perseus.

06. She was brave in battle, yet she only defended against attackers.

07. She was Zeus's favorite child.

08. Athena owned no weapons, but instead borrowed them from Zeus.

09. Athena's shield is Zeus's shield, the Aegis.

10. Athena'a shield has Medusa'a head on it.


I chose Athena because she seamed to be a lot of information about her. We are similar because when she is in a battle, she uses logic and planing to win a battle. When I play chess I need to use those same tactics to win a game.
Greek Gods Documentary: Athena Goddess of War (Goddess Athena Documentary)