The Estonian and US Flag

Ashley Oganovich 4th hour

The Estonian flag

There are 3 stripes: top blue, middle black, bottom white. The colors represent history, nature, and folk costumes-Blue: faith, loyalty, devotion,sea, sky, and lake; Black: dark past, suffering, jacket of Estonian peasant; and White: enlightenment, virtue, hope, freedom, birch bark, snow, and “Estonian summer nights illuminated by the midnight sun”.It was adopted august 7, 1990.It was originally adopted November 21, 1918 when they declared independence from soviets. The Flag was flown in both Russian revolutions in 1905 and 1917 as symbol of Estonian independence.

The US flag

13 stripes= 13 original countries- 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes- Red: valor, White: liberty or purity, and Blue: justice, loyalty, and perseverance

The 50 stars= individual states

It was adopted july 4, 1960. It originated in 18th century after war with Britain.The Congress officially choose design in june of 1777. Every time a new state joined country, another star and stripe to the original flag. Until 1818 there was no pattern so there were many different designs till president said they should be in parallel rows. The last star was Hawaii in 1960 was the 27th version.