Caitlyn Stryker - 5

Sodapop's description

Sodapop is a very good looking kid, he cares a lot about his looks. He is a greaser and what greasers do is put grease in their hair, some people think its gross, but that's just the way greasers are. Sodapop has long dark silky hair with a little bit of gold, and he combs it back. Sometimes it's pail gold in the summer because the sun bleaches it. His eyes are a brown, but a very dark tone, Ponyboy (his little brother) says he has his dad's eyes. He is not too tall, but he is slim and very handsome. He usually wears casual clothes and he is dressed in a plad shirt with a white shirt underneath and jeans.


Sodapop is a nice guy in my opinion, he protects Ponyboy because they are siblings. He is very comforting to Ponyboy and he's a good brother. He is nice to strangers and does break the laws, but almost every greaser does.


Sodapop dropped out of high school, so he's stuck working at gas station. He works on cars to make a living. He has to help out because it's just him and his older brother (Darry) that works, Ponyboy is only 14. All of the three boys that I mentioned are the family that's left. Their mom and dad both died in a car crash, so it's up to them to take care of them selves.

Prized Possessions

Sodapop's most prized possession is probably his mirror. He's the type of guy who just looks good and cares if he does.

Relationship with the greasers

He is the middle child, Ponybody (the youngest) really depends of his older brothers. The oldest is Dally, he is the "parent" of the three. They are nice to each other and they are there when they need each other to be.

More about Sodapop

  • He never drinks.
  • His best friend is Steve.
  • He is generally nice.
  • He's tough when he needs to be.
  • Very handsome.
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