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FDHS Library News Volume 1 Issue 18


  • The next Student Reading Club will meet on Friday, January 8 at lunch
  • Our first faculty reading club will meet on Friday, January 8 at Kaldi's at 7:30 AM. If you're interested, be sure to join the Schoology Group ASAP. There is a list of books and articles there--each participant will read one book and two articles and we will discuss.

Tech Tidbit: Zaption

Have you heard of Zaption? Until recently, it was a tool that had fallen clear off my radar!

What is it?

Zaption is an online tool that allows you quickyl to add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from places like YouTube or Vimeo. According to their website, the tools allows you to transform videos from "lean back" activities to "lean forward" activities.

The video can be viewed as a whole class, stopping together to discuss, it can be viewed on a student's own time, or you can use Zaption Presenter, a new feature that allows you to actually collect information in realtime from stduents. They use a mobile device to login to the video with a provided code.

Check it out!

Featured Books: YA Choice Titles

YA Choice!

Remember - students have the opportunity to vote on YA Choice titles to help choose which books appear on a nationally recognized list of the best books for teens! We desperately need teens to read these books and there are so many that I can honestly say that there is something here for everyone!


Which form of logic did George Boole introduce in the 19th century?

*Know the answer? Come to the Media Center to claim a prize. :)

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