Literacy Assessment Practicum

DePaul's Education and Counseling Center

Gain insight into your child's literacy strengths and needs

The Literacy Assessment Practicum at the Education and Counseling Center provide parents information about their child’s literacy development, including a full profile of the child’s reading, spelling, and writing needs. Students participate in eight weeks of assessment and instruction. Sessions are 90 minutes in length. Early sessions (the first 5-6 weeks) are primarily focused on assessment, while the later sessions (the final 2-3 weeks) are primarily focused on instruction. The assessment battery includes a variety of formal and informal measures, including but not limited to the Analytical Reading Inventory, Phonological Awareness Skill Screener, Developmental Spelling Analysis, and the Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Reading Battery. Skills are accessed across the areas of oral language, phonemic awareness, decoding/word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, as well as reading levels.

At the end of the quarter the parent will receive a comprehensive case report. The case report summarizes the child’s assessment results, and provides recommendations for future instruction. In addition, a final parent conference will allow the parent and clinician to discuss child’s profile of strengths and needs with depth.

Assessment services are available for school-age children from 2nd grade through High School. Please note that we do not provide learning disabilities diagnosis.

Services are provided by DePaul College of Education graduate students, supervised by faculty. Students are licensed teachers obtaining a masters in literacy and specialized instruction. Cost of the assessment practicum is $30/hour. Lower fee application is available for families in need.