Andrew Jackson


Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson forced thousands of Indians off their land in Florida and Georgia , and had his troops march them all the way to their new land in Oklahoma, many of Indians died on this trail.I think this was a bad thing Jackson did , because he had no right to force them off their land. He didn't listen to the ruling of the court case Worcester v Georgia , and acted like he was above the law , and in the constitution no one is above the law.

Spoils System

The spoils system is Andrew Jackson awarded his supporters with government jobs.In my opinion , this was wrong of Jackson to do . Some of his supporters were not even qualified for a government job, they didn't know anything . America needs people that actually know what they are doing to keep our country in good shape, not just because there supporters .This also took people out of jobs , people that know what there doing were out of jobs. If Jackson really wanted to make America a better country he wouldn't have hired unqualified people to help.


When Jackson retired he lived in a mansion called the Hermitage . On this mansions he owned 150 slaves , to me this was a bad way to retire . He wpent a lot of money on this mansion , and owned a lot of slaves . This shows who he is he liked slavery , and to me as a president you should be against it , and show leadership and spend his money wisley.

political cartoon

This carton shows taht anddrew jackson abused his powwers with money . Just because he had money and power he brought in his supporters that got him there , and took away the pros