Digital Media and Digital Footprint

Lily James: 'Shinderera' Lead Role

Digital Media

Digital Media: Is storage on any device that can be accessed that can lead to Digital Footprint.


  • Instagram post from Tokyo.
  • Accused for mocking the Japanese accent.
  • A fan helped to clear the problem.
  • Every language has its own pronunciation.
  • 'Shinderera' is listed as the Japanese title.
  • Fans didn't THINK before they acted.

THINK helps idenify the situation, so THINK about it! The steps are below....

What is Digital Footprint? How are ways to protect it? Why is it protected?

Digital Footprint: Your history with digital media and how it is protected.

Example: Anything you post, Delete, Is still retrieved.

Protecting Digital Footprint:

1) Treat others how you want to be treated.

2) THINK before you act.

3) Report bad photos.

4) Make private accounts.

Why it is Protected: Your Digital Footprint makes up your reputation.

Why have half your life on the internet when anyone can change or hack your accounts, but can't change you as a person. THINK!


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