Civil Case Steps

Caleb Foster

The Civil Case Process

Cause for the Case

  • There is a dispute, damages, loss of property.

A Case if Filled

  • Case filed in Superior Court Clerk's office
  • Case number assigned by Clerk


  • A service of summons and complaint upon defendants


  • The defendants must respond to the filed compliant within 20 days of the date of service
  • If the defendant doesn't respond, plaintiff may receive a default judgement


  • During the course of which various motions, for example motions to compel production of documents, or motions for more responsive answers, may be filed

Assignment to Trial Pool

  • Plaintiff or Defendant files motion to assign case to the trial calendar


  • Motion for judgment as a matter of law may be deemed appropriate to any point in the proceedings

Pretrial Conference

  • A pretrial conference may be conducted on the day before the day of the trial


Entry of Judgment

  • Case resolved either by agreement or by a court/jury ordered verdict
  • Order entered by judge disposing of case


  • Either or both sides may appeal to a higher court

Enforcement of Judgment (if needed)

  • Wage attachment
  • Citation