Are you a video gamer?

Interested in a career in video gaming?

Raven Software is coming to Memorial

Dan Vondrak of Raven Software will be here on April 14th, 2nd and 3rd periods to talk about working in the video game industry. Raven Software developed the Call of Duty, X-Men and many other popular video game series.

Career Speaker for video game development

Tuesday, April 14th, 9:15-11:15pm

Lit Center Memorial High School,

If you are interested in attending you must get a pass from either your 2nd or 3rd period teacher. You will not be able to attend without a pass. Talk to your teacher ahead of time to make sure that missing class will not interfere with any class work or testing you might have. If you have a study hall or a free period (2nd or 3rd ) then you should go during that time.

These presentations will be in the Lit. Center and will start at the beginning of the period.