Shalini's Earth Science Work

Open House

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL was one of my favorite science projects this year. Three other people and I had design a house made out of popsicle sticks, clay, staws, string, and toothpicks that was earthquake proof. We all had different postions in the project to finish all the requirements. The driving question that we needed to answer is, "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?" Besides building, we had to find a place in California to put the house, and we drew maps and marked our location on where we wanted it. After we were done, we got to put all of our progress on hakui for everyone to see. I really liked this project because of the team work we all had to put in to finish it.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

Our atmosohere 30 hands project was an independent project. We had to make nine slides using the Pic-Collage app. This project was for our global warming unit. The first was the title page, the second through eigth one was the question slides, and the last one was the work cited slide. The questions were about global warming and climate change. For each of the slides you had to have at least two pictures with captions and little information about the question we had to answer. We had to answer the question with narration using the 30 hands app. Since it was a indepentdent project, everyone had their own slide so none of them looked the same. I really enjoyed this project because it was indepented and all of our projects were different. I also liked how we had to learn on our own to get it done.

30 Hands Full Project:

Invention Convention

The invention convention was our lastest project this year. We had to find a way to make fossil fules, sovling a enviormental p problem, using two of the three R's, and have a renewable energy source. We had to make a modle of our invention or innovation out of trash to we can have one of the three R's done. Our problem had to be a enviormental problem and our problem in our group was too many lamdfills in the earth. There was many steps in the process and we had ot make sure that we followed all the rules.

My Favorite Unit in Science

My favorite unit this year was our global warming unit. In unit five, we learned about the effects of global warming and how it affects us today and in the future. We learned about the atmospher and the ozone layer and the rest of the layers on earth. We also learned about greehouse gases and climate change, and they are both very dangerouse things. I enjoyed working on the 30 hands project that we had to do in this unit. I think that the articls that the teacher gave us and we had to mark up was very helpful. That is why unit five was my favorite unit.