E.A Problems With Video Games

So many teens get such little sleep, due to video games.

Teens on average spend six hours a day on electronic devices, and two - three hours playing video games. Video Games are an everyday thing for teens, preventing more important things to be done.

Video Games are a common occurrence in a teens everyday life. They effect teens addicted to them. Skipping homework, not wanting to spend time with family, and many other things. Many teens choose games over homework, and are punished during school for it. Also, "45% of teens get less than 8 hours of sleep on school nights"(Teens Not Getting Enough Sleep, Consumer Affairs). "About 98% of teens play video games" (Nearly Every American Kid Plays Video Games, abc News). Video games pull teens in and away from responsibilities. Many teens try to multi-task by watching videos while completing homework. This often gets the student off task and backfires. Overall, video games have a negative impact on teens education and social life.

it might seem that video games are awful, but without them, students would constantly stressed. A way to help the obsession over video games would be to limit the use of them. Possibly take a thirty-minute break during homework, or reward yourself with playtime afterwards. Keep phones, tablets, TV's, and other devices away while doing homework so you aren't tempted. To help with sleep, regulate a certain time for games everyday, and go to bed on time. Allow for extra game time on weekends and holidays to make up for the time lost because of sleep. This should satisfy needs, and boost energy during the day. Mainly, teens should make homework and sleep top priority, and video games next.

Overall, video games have a negative effect on teens, but they are great stress relievers. Games should be a low priority, but still should be played. They distract teens from schoolwork, and should be limited to a certain time.

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