What's Happening in the Art Room?


First Grade

1st grade has been studying the work of Keith Haring and Vincent VanGogh. While studying these artists, students have been recognizing and talking about line within their works. We are now moving into a printmaking project, where students will create a cityscape by drawing shapes.

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

After completing their Bad Hair Day artworks, 4th grade continued their work with the human face. This quarter students have been practicing drawing faces showing different emotions. Students completed a printmaking project by carving their image of an emotional face into a piece of linoleum. They then completed two prints of their images and mounted them on colored paper. The results look amazing! Great job 4th grade!

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5th Grade

5th Grade has been learning about foreground, middle ground, and background this quarter. Students created beautiful fall/winter landscapes showing the perspective of foreground, middle ground and background. Students learned to draw different types of trees and were able to brush up on their painting skills by using both watercolor and tempera paints. The paintings are beautiful 5th grade!

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