Audubon Elementary ESL

English Language Learners with Mrs. Mac & Mrs. Zac


AM Kinders with Mrs. Zac have been practicing writing sentences using their "sight words."

They have also been on the computers practicing their short vowel sounds on

Mrs. Mac's PM Kinders have been learning about the rooms of the house, what is in these rooms and how each room is used.

!st Grade Fun!

Mrs. Zac has been working with the ELLs in Mrs. Kirschner's room by coming in and helping out during Science and Social Studies lessons. The students are learning words to describe the season of Spring. We've been taking nature walks and making observations about the changes in nature around us. We have been learning about plants as well. The students know the six parts of a plant and the job of each. We have learned about vegetables as plants and have tasted 12 vegetables that represented each plant part. Yum!

Super 2nd Graders

Mrs. Mac and the 2nd graders are working on English sentence structure and parts of speech. They are also expanding their English vocabulary by learning synonyms for words that are often overused. The students use words in sentences correcting word endings and adding articles for correct sentence formation.

Great 3rd Graders

The 3rd grade students prepared for taking the PSSA by doing sample questions in ESL class. They also continuously work on improving their reading comprehension reading short selections and then answering questions which test their understanding of the read material and vocabulary used in the text. Additionally, Mrs. Zac helps the students prepare for upcoming Science, Social Studies, and Health assessments.

Fabulous 4th Graders

Mrs. Mac and the 4th grade students are learning the skill of paraphrasing in preparation for their upper elementary schooling experience at Skyview next year. This is an essential, but difficult, skill for the children to perfect. They are feeling more comfortable using their own words to retell in writing what they have read.