Personal Growth Survey

Student Example


Happiness is ultimately what I want out of life. No matter where I am or who I am with I want to be happy. I know that my family will always be there for me and supporting me in my quest for happiness throughout my life.

I am an active community member.

I want to be a community partner in the future. I think giving back to a community which has given to you in so many ways is important. I would like to work with the youth in my area to help them stay on track and be responsible citizens as they grow.


One of the many skills and tasks, I would like to master is the art of equestrian sports. I love horses and the thrill of competing, but it is very difficult to master what it takes to be a top rider. I do not want to pursue riding professional, but I know that horses will always be a part of my life.


My Dreams for the Future: My dreams for the future are great. I want to pursue a post-secondary education, start a family, and have a healthy marriage. Travel and exploring the global community are also important to me as a look to my future. I hope that I will maintain a stable job, a position which will be fulfilling and will enable me to finance my adventures. These are just a few of my hopes for the future. Dreams and goals are always changing and shifting depending on who we meet and where we go.


I never want to stop learning. I know that I will forever be a student. Learning new ideas, tasks, and skills helps me to become a more well-rounded individual and informed global citizen.


One thing that I would like to change about myself is my confidence. I wish I had the confidence to always speak my mind and let my ideas and opinions out.