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CEO of Millbrook Support Services

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James Paterek is the CEO of Millbrook Support Services, Inc., which provides government agencies with physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, and Allied Healthcare employment.

James Paterek also leads Paterek & Company, a private business specializing on the Human Capital sector, which includes staffing, outsourcing, and consulting firms.

Previously, James L. Paterek was the founder and chairman of COMFORCE Corporation (previously ASE: CFS), a significant publicly traded staffing, outsourcing, and financial services firm with over 11,000 employees. Through its 76 worldwide locations, the company engages in three business sectors: Human Capital Management Services, Staff Augmentation, and Financial Outsourcing Services.

Under James Paterek's direction, COMFORCE was voted the fastest growing public staffing business by SIA for two years in a row. In those two years, COMFORCE raised its net revenue from $12 million to almost $500 million ($800 million total system-wide revenue) and its operating profit from $245,000 to nearly $31 million. The expansion was fuelled by YOY organic growth as well as almost a dozen savvy acquisitions.

James L. Paterek formerly served as the founder and CEO of a $300 million private holding investment company that acquired portfolio companies with combined annual revenues of $500 million.

In addition to many years as an executive manager and leader of service-based organizations, James Paterek has extensive experience in acquiring, financing, and integrating businesses, having completed more than twenty-eight acquisitions and raising over $600 million for investment in those firms. James L. Paterek has expertise raising cash and operating public firms in the financial markets.

Small Business Staffing Strategies in 2022, by James Paterek

Date: 03/31/2022

In the previous two years, small business owners have been on a rollercoaster ride, and their teams have been along for the journey. However, as we look ahead to 2022, James Paterek believes that small businesses must begin implementing new personnel strategies now in order to future-proof their brands and employees.

Before you make any major changes to your staffing tactics, ensure sure you've covered all of the essentials. Are you fostering a positive culture in your company? For larger corporations, this may entail free yoga classes and lunches, but for smaller enterprises, positive culture begins with caring leadership and an open workplace.

James Paterek claims that, ensuring that you practice empathy is another crucial aspect of a fundamental staffing plan. It's more important than ever to recognize your team's humanity. The first place to start if you want to scale up your small business in 2022 is with your crew. Hiring for a small firm has the undesirable side effect of attracting team members who may not be in it for the long haul. Many job applicants, according to James Paterek, perceive a small firm as a bridge rather than a long-term role, which might be troublesome for growth. If you're spending more time seeking for new employees than expanding your firm, James Paterek suggests a big-picture approach to recruiting in 2022.

Essentially, you want to demonstrate to potential team members right away that you don't have a tiny business mentality when it comes to rewards and possibilities. One of the key reasons why team members don't think small enterprises are a good long-term investment is because of this. The trick is to make sure you're providing possibilities similar to those found in larger organizations while also keeping the positive characteristics of small business culture.

Another crucial part of hiring in 2022 is learning from the past two years' experiences and challenging your current hiring criteria. Start thinking outside the box if you've always assumed that a certain type of person is the best fit for your company. With so many more people setting up shop to work remotely, your pool of talent has just grown significantly, but you must be willing to go outside the box. Depending on your sector, you may be able to put together a worldwide workforce that works remotely and contributes significant value.

Small enterprises are in for some exciting times. Start with the essentials, and then expand your horizons by thinking large and recruiting people who don't fit your usual criteria. There's a pool of talent waiting to assist you in taking your company to the next level. Go out and look for them.