caution this is sparta

military facts

  • also known as Laceaemon
  • means self restrained,simple,frugal and austere
  • was a warrior culture
  • started military training at age 7
  • in battle wore large bronze helmet,breastplate and ankle guards,and carried large shield made of bronze of wood,and a long spear and sword
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  • 2 kings ruled city
  • 28 members of council limit there power
  • recruited from highest social classes
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  • pin pointed on military
  • ruled by mixed state of government
  • felt closer to Zeus because they considered themselves decedents of Hercules
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life in sparta

  • boys left family at age 7 to be trained
  • had very strict education programs
  • cowardice was seen almost as a crime
  • life for women was physical training it made them strong for healthy babies (to become good solders)
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  • pig
  • goats
  • sheep
  • fish
  • and wild boar
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  • polytheism



  • males received very few learning time and manly training
  • females were well educated and did some physical training as well
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