Long Way Gone Chapters 5-8

By an insanely inelegant person named Teddy Larson

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Internal Characterization

  • Ishmael got very hungry during his travels
  • He got so hungry and desperate that he stole food in order to feed himself
  • Him being hungry changed him, it made him do things he wouldn't normally do

Historical Connection

  • The RUF is an armed force that is terrorizing villages and using people as soldiers and as laborers
  • This connects to when Americans started to take land from Native Americans without their permission or much of an agreement

Compound Definition

In military science, a compound is a type of fortification made up of walls or fences surrounding several buildings in the center of a large piece of land.

Verandah Defeinition

A roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor.


Chapters 5-8 are set in the African rainforest that used to be the Congo
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Man vs. Self

Ishmael has a conflict with himself in the book. One time he was so hungry that he stole food in order to stay alive. For the next few day he felt very bad and guilty for doing so. This is man vs. self because Ishmael has a problem with himself for stealing the corn.

Man vs. man

Ishmael has a conflict with other people when the RUF tries to chase him down to recruit or kill him.