McLane PE Newsletter

April 2016

Teacher's Corner

As we come back, I hope everyone had an outstanding break! Many students have come back with stories of their exciting vacations, or ways that they were active during their time off. As the snow somehow continues to fall, we will be starting our volleyball unit. Our volleyball unit places a heavy emphasis on skill development, rather than game play. Repetition of basic skills such as bumping, setting, and serving are at the forefront. As the weather hopefully begins to improve, it would be great to get outside to practice those skills with your son/daughter/grandchild.

Student Spotlight

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we had two students (Carson Bauer & Lola Beightol) participate in the regional free-throw competition at West Allis High School. Both students had a blast, and enjoyed the experience. As a matter of fact, Carson really enjoyed the experience, as he placed second place in his age group for all of Southeastern Wisconsin! Congratulations Carson!
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Spring Challenge

For the past two years, students have had the opportunity to complete "Activity Sheets". If you have not seen one of these slips yet, they are small slips that a student can fill out each time they are active outside of school. The slip asks for the student to write the name of their activity, the type of activity they engaged in, and about how long they participated in the activity.

As we draw closer to the end of the school year, and the weather gets better, I have a challenge for every family. I would encourage all families to find a way to get outside and participate in some sort of health-enhancing fitness:

  • Family Walks
  • Going to a nearby park
  • Playing Catch or Passing a ball
  • Jumping Rope
  • Neighborhood Games (Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, etc.)
  • Sidewalk Chalk Fitness Options
  • Swimming

There are endless opportunities to get active. Many of these opportunities are available without the need of equipment or any cost. Make it a point of emphasis to get outside and get active with your family. If you ever need ideas or specific activities please reach out to me and ask. I would be more than happy to give a couple ideas/specific games!