Cyberbullying is not cool!!!

BY: Matteo Munoz

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens in the internet. For example let's say you post a picture on instagram and someone post a mean comment saying eww that's ugly. That doesn't sound so nice huh? No it doesn't.

Let's put a stop to cyberbullying!

We can put a stop to cyberbullying. We can ignore it. On every social media or message there is a option to block the person. By doing this the bully will think that your ignoring them and they will stop. You can also show evidence by a taking a picture and showing it to a responsible adult. Please put a stop to cyberbullying it is not cool!
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Spread kindness to your friends and other people. By spreading kindness we can overtake not just cyberbullying but other bullying. Help one another and be kind would you want to be a bully or be one to stand up to a bully.