VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Jordan Schuler

Fill in the Blank Exercise:

Today, spears are considered ______________, and many hunters use more modern weapons like guns.



1. Characteristic of a much earlier or primitive period.

2. Antiquated; out-of-date.

Different Parts of Speech:

archaism, n.


arkhein (G.) "to begin," "to be first"

arkhos (G.) "ruler," "first in rank"

Synonyms and Anytonyms

The definitions are similar, so the synonyms and antonyms are the same.


  • Old
  • Primitive
  • Obsolete
  • Anachronistic
  • Antiquated


  • New
  • Modern
  • Current
  • Evolved

Incorrect Usage Exercise

a. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, archaic organisms evolved through the process of natural selection.

b. Archaic english words like "thou," "hath," and "doth" are no longer used.

c. The archaic architecture of earlier civilizations is still on display in Greece and Rome.

d. Modern tools are considered archaic in comparison to older ones.

Answer: d

Modern tools would not be considered archaic in comparison to older ones; it is the other way around.

Exercises in the Book

Exercise 3A:

Identify the Antonym:

12. archaic theories of nutrition a. old-fashioned b. altruistic c. abstruse d. reliable

e. avant-garde

Exercise 3B:

4. b. Athletes who have suffered severe injuries may experience archaic pain even after successful surgery.

Exercise 3C:


Exercise 3D: