Protect The Great Barrier Reef!!

Great Barrier Reef is a coral reef parallel to the coast of Queensland, in North Eastern Australia

Has the world's largest barrier reef

Over 3000 individual reef systems

Hundreds of picturesque tropical islands

Sun-soaked golden beaches

Effects of Human Activities

There are numerous ways humans have added harmful pollutants into our oceans that can cause serious damage, like farming.

Also, over fishing is a main problem. Aggressive fishing methods have hurt coral reefs.

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Benefits of Keeping The Reef Healthy

Play an important role as natural breakwaters, which minimize wave impacts form storms such as cyclones, hurricanes, or typhoon.

Used as treatments for many of the world's most prevalent and dangerous illnesses and diseases.

How Tourists Threaten The Great Barrier Reef

  • Cruise ships can have wrecks, damaging the coral.
  • Oil spills, damage the coral reefs.
  • Construction

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