About Ayn Rand

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Early Life

Ayn was born on February 2, 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was the eldest of 3 daughters of Zinovy Zakharovich Rosembaum and Anna Borisovna. All at an early age, she taught herself to read and chose her career, fictional writing. Rand had begun writing plays at age eight and novels at age ten.

Significant events in Ayns life

  • Ayn and her family moved to Ukraine and Crimea to escape the Civil war in 1918.
  • Family moves back to Petrograd after graduating from highschool and shortly after, enrolls in PSU.
  • Resides in Chicago, then arrives in Hollywood when hired as a movie extra.
  • Meets Frank O'Connor on set in 1926 and marries him three years later.
  • Becomes U.S citizen in 1931.
  • First entry in philosophical journal.
  • Major campus speech in 1960.
  • Writes last page of ¨Atlas Shrugged¨ and passes away a month later.

Members in life

Ayns beliefs

What was Ayns philosophy?

Rade believed in a philosophy called Objectivism. Objectivism is believing that human being have the ability to interpret life through their perception. With the help of inductive logic, someone and anyone can gain as much knowledge they are capable of all with their perception. Also that your morals in life should be based off someone elses pursuit of happiness and providing full respect for individual rights.