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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 28

Microsoft Office 2016 Rollout

The updated package for Microsoft Office will be installed on all teacher notebooks, Monday, May 9th. When you get here that morning, please make sure your laptop is connected to a hardwired network cable and power it on. After the install takes place, you will be prompted to restart your machine for the changes be completed. You will now access Microsoft Office programs through Teachers > Office 2016 folder. The biggest change overall is the color schematics and view. Use this guide: Office 2016 Tips and Tricks to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

My Life as a ______ Grader!

  • Many of you are starting to think about creating end-of-year slideshows to showcase the year you've had with your students. Turn the tables this year and have students create their own video production highlighting the experiences they want to remember from the year. This is a great way to get students engaged with writing! Come see me if you would be interested in getting your class started with this project.
  • Share your end of year slideshows easily by uploading the video to your YouTube account (Use your google account). Give out cards with the slideshow QR codes for students and parents to access the video from home. You can use my template or create your own! After clicking my link, you should be prompted to make your own copy that will save to your google account when signed in.
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