Gorilla Workout

By Ronak Gupta

Best App

40 different work outs to increase your strength. Each of the exercises you do target a specific muscle group to help you tone your muscles and loose excess fat. In order to determine what workouts you do you have to choose your level based on the number of push ups you can do. Gorilla Workout has a light and full version. Both apps don't require wifi and are very user friendly. They do not have any advertisements. Gorilla Workout supplies you a workout everyday and you won't lose any progress. After you finish the workout, you can choose to do another or wait till the next day. Gorilla workout provides challenging workouts to give you the best results. People who like to do different workouts involving there abdominal region, chest, back, and muscles. The full version has more workouts. This app would help middle schools kids because it is just right for them and has very beneficial workouts.
Gorilla Workout App


I used the light version of Gorilla Workout and now I have used it everyday since I got it. The app provides great workouts based on your capability of doing a certain amount of push ups. I did a lot of the workouts and I lost 2.5 in three works by using this app. You can do the workouts as many times as you want and I did it several times. I could use the app anywhere because it doesn't need wifi. The workouts are challenging and give you a good workout. I really suggest using this app.