John Adams!!!

You know who to vote for in 1800!


You know you want him as you'r president! He is a good man, willing to get the job done, and he wants our country to go to the top! He is ready for the challenges this country has put apon him. Wouldn't you want a strong, smart, intellegent man getting you out of war debts, putting us at peace with France, and helping this country get the goverment together? I would!


Through our countries so far regressions, he has been there. As Vice-President of our country,our first one infact, and he helped buid this country. This man set the precedent of Vice-President of the greatest man in this country, George Washington. Wouldn't you want a highly experienced man who worked for 8 years and more with our greatest man in the country? I know I would!

Very dedicated, experienced, and wise!

Who do you vote for?

Our intellegent, experienced, smart, kind, and dedicated federalist John Adams, or Thomas Jefferson, leader of the DemoCratic-Republicans? I know who I would go for!

Vote for John Adams for 18001-1805 today!!!