Indiana FootLight Players

Summer 2013

This summer I went to Indiana to stay at my Aunt's house. While I was there I went to Indiana FootLight Players, thats a theater camp. At Footlights we all had to do these auditions which were really hard! After the third day I got my part! I got to be Mrs. Frankenhiemer in the play Frank n Fluff. The play was written by our director Joe York. I got to be one of the leads! All the leads parts were Frank, Fluff, Suzy, Mrs. Frankenhiemer and Henry. At Footlights I made a lot of friends! Everyone there was really nice and really good at acting. I was really scared to go out and talk infront of all those people! My friends helped me get over my stage fright. When they showed me my costume i thought it looked like Lucy off of I Love Lucy! The night of the performance I was really nervous! All my friends were nervous, too. As soon as I went on stage and seen all the people I got even more nervous. But after the second scene i got less nervous and just thought of having a good time. When we finished the play and got out of costume we all went into the green room and had snacks, talked and played games like assasin. After we all left my Aunt Kitty took me to Meadows for ice cream, when we were there we saw a bunch of people from FootLights. On the last day of FootLights we all got T-shirts and signed all of our friends shirts. I'm going to miss everyone so much and I can't wait until next summer so i can see everyone again!