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May 3-7, 2021 - Principal Lunde's Weekly Update

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Staff Appreciation Week

" Surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you."

- Charles M. Marcus

May 3-7, 2021 is Staff Appreciation. Every day there is a different way to celebrate the teachers and support staff who care for student learning and student experiences at UELF. The brains and hearts of the UELF Seawolves mean everything to the UELF Staff. Let them know how much you appreciate what they do. Use the themes as ideas for how to begin saying thank you.

  • Monday - Flowers
  • Tuesday - Words
  • Wednesday - Maker Day
  • Thursday - Helping Ways
  • Friday - Student Choice

Thank you UELF Seawolves! YOU fill our buckets and warm our hearts every day because of your kindness and learning. The UELF Staff love the work they do with our UELF Students and the collaboration with the UELF Families.

Love, Mrs. Lunde

2nd Cup of Coffee

Join Mrs. Lunde at the 2nd Cup of Coffee to chat informally about life at UELF. You can bring your camp chair to sit outside under the Redwood tree or join us virtually through the GM Link. Mrs. Lunde will have some cold, individual coffee drinks or you can bring your own. It's a nice way to connect with your principal, and most of all, fellow AMAZING UELF parents/guardians. Cheers!
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Wolfie Dance Party
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Supporting Learning At Home

Common question, "How do I support my child learning?" Here are a few ways to facilitate the mindset of being a learner in the home setting.

  • Cook and build together. When a student is learning fractions or measurement, cooking and building are natural ways to apply these concepts. Doubling or cooking half of a recipe reinforces the visual of fractions, which builds the conceptual understanding. Building reinforces precision to detail. Purposefully let mistakes happen, like being off an inch for measuring or add too much of one ingredient. Allow your child to process the mistake and make sense of it.
  • READ! READ! READ! Share a book together, a fun chapter book from your childhood or a modern one to get your child into a series. Have family reading time, when everyone in the family is reading something. Celebrate all kinds of reading, which includes comic books, graphic novels, magazines, books, how-to books, etc.
  • Observe the natural world. Get outside at different times of the day and make noticings and wonderings! Use the phone to take photos and capture moments, use a journal to draw what is observed, and connect the natural world to the arts.
  • Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! Talk numbers whenever you use numbers. Allow your children to hear you problem solve with numbers, like getting the 20% off on an item or figuring out how many treats to get the family and the cost. Show them how to use calculator, do flashcards, exercise and count to together. Make numbers part of your conversation.
  • Talk with your children. Your children have amazing ideas and really funny ideas about how they think the world works. Take time to talk with your child, this means listening to your child and pressing them to explain their ideas. Say things, "Tell me more about....Show me what you mean when you say..." It's okay to push them to be precise.

UELF Hybrid Learning Is Here

Call or email Christina Lunde,, if you have any questions or just want to talk and have someone listen to you. I am here to support your child and you.

Hybrid Questions From UELF Families

My child forgot or we can't find the badge!

-No worries! As long as the parent completes CrisisGo EVERY DAY, then we can check your child in. We have a binder with every child's QR code that let's us know if the parent certified her health for each day. We are not making replacement badges, so your child will go through this line quickly as long as the adult has completed CrisisGo.

When can I drop off my child?

-For the AM Cohort, drop off begins at 8:05am. Classroom doors open at 8:10am.

-For the PM Cohort, drop off begins at 12:20pm. Classroom doors open at 12:30pm.

-Please refrain from dropping off any earlier.

When can I pick up my child?

-If driving, pull through the parking lot, along the sidewalk, to the furthest spot where you can.

-Place your student placard in the dashboard, which allows us to call your child towards your car.

-Drive through as far forward as you can. The line goes faster when we can remain in the lane closest to the sidewalk.

-AM Cohort is done at 10:40am.

-PM Cohort is done at 3pm.

Will the students be having breaks and snacks?

-Since the instructional block of time at school is 2 1/2 hours, there are no set scheduled snack breaks or recess, however teachers are planning instruction with breaks throughout the time, which includes time outside. We are sending students home with a snack and a meal to be eaten at home.

Will the students be on the play structure?

-Teachers are signing up for times to use the UELF outdoor space, like the play structure, garden, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Ladybug Park, the field, etc. There will not be a set play structure play time.

Usually my kids and I play on the play structure after school, is his allowed?

-Unfortunately, students need to leave the school when school is out. We are seeking to minimize the number of people on campus so socializing and hanging out is not allowed. Ladybug Park is available for families to use.

We usually walk or ride our bikes to school, is this still allowed?

-Yes! Please walk bikes and scooters once on campus. Please enter the school through the parking lot side so that all students can be checked in using their QR Badge and get their temperatures checked.

Does my child need to bring his/her device?

-Depends. Some classes are using the devices for communication and sharing ideas, however some classes are not using their devices at all. I strongly recommend that you read your teachers' weekly newsletter for this class specific information. If your child is going to multiple locations, like school to daycare or your office, then use the backpack to be the tool to move from place to place.

Garden Classes

Wednesdays at 11:30am

Family Check-In

Thursday, May 6th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Meet with Mrs. Lunde to discuss topics around UELF.

Topic- Next Steps

GM Link

2nd Cup of Coffee

Friday, May 7th, 10:30am

8511 Liman Way

Rohnert Park, CA

Bring a cup of coffee, a camp chair, and topics to chat about while Mrs. Lunde and UELF parents chat under the Redwood Tree. Join us on online as well! GM Link

AM Cohort @ 8:30am

PM Cohort @ 12:30pm

Pick the one that fits your schedule best!

Every UELF Seawolf Family Commits To:

Be part of your PTA and connect with the families of our school.
Be a Garden Champion by:
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