What it is


A Pharmacist is doctor that dispenses drugs prescribed to people. They give their clients/patients a lot of advice on how to use the medicine and when to use it. They have to be very careful and precise with their work. They have to observe their patients very carefully to see whether they are an abuser and going to other pharmacies and taking advantage of prescription drugs.

Self Assessment

Reasons why: I pay attention to small detail, Good at communication skills to interact with clients and patients and I like to work in science and chemistry.

Favorite Subjects: Math, Science, CPR first aid and wellness, and English.

Values: Health, Humanitarianism

Personality Type: ESTJ

Holland Code: ISC Investigative,Social and conventional

Lifestyle Goals: $32.80 per hour, $5,869 per month, $70,428 yearly all to start off. And eventually get $129,000

Learning Style: 1.Logical and Mathematical 2.Bodily Kinesthetic 3.Interpersonal

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Tasks and Responsibilities

1.Specific Details- Dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners, Fill prescriptions verifying instructions, Complete insurance forms and work with insurance companies, instruct patients on how to take a prescribed medicine and when to take it,and teach other practitioners about proper medication therapies for clients/patients.

2.Typical Day-

1. Overlook the recent drugs prescribed

2.Then look at the drugs that are scheduled to be prescribed

3.Make sure everything is sanitized and organized

4.Fill prescriptions

5.Check and make sure all the prescription drugs are weighed and equal

6.Offer advise to patients

7.Work in research and development of medicine


  • Saint Joseph's University-$40,420
  • Quinnipiac University-$40,670
  • MCPSH-$32,550

Why these colleges?

Education and Training

Type of Education-To be a certified pharmacist you need a PharmD

Courses in High School- Chemistry, Biology and Physics


I chose this career because when I read about it, it really interested me and I love science and there is a lot of science in knowing this career. I also love working in a lab and doing experiments.