Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week Ending 2/12/16

Please check your student's grades frequently. Please encourage them to make sure they've turned in their assignments on time. I'll be contacting parents by phone and/or email this week because of some concerns with your student's performance. We can work together to resolve some issues before they become serious!

Check out the links below to see what's happening in my classes this week!

Tutorial & Contact Information:

Tutoring: Tuesday/Thursday 2:35-3:15

Other times by appointment

Students will need a pass to attend any tutorial (available in my classroom)

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Fashion Marketing

We're continuing with marketing. We've learned about market segmentation and have used our student population at MHS to segment a market! We're continuing learning about the 4 P's and identifying how the 4 P's are used by our favorite designer!

The summative test over fashion terms and history posted Tuesday morning. This was the second version of this test because students forgot about it and all the scores were abysmal! I still had a large number of students who chose not to study for this second attempt and they have to option to retake.

I have students complete a Retake Permission Form (Google Form) letting me know when they plan on attending their tutorial and their preferred date/time of the retake. This must be completed no later than 2/23. I need at least one day to prepare the individualized tutorial and students should plan on retaking the test after their tutorial so they have time to study their retake. Students must be logged into their MISD Google accounts to access the permission form. Congratulations to the students who scored big because they studied--their grades were excellent! I've sent an individual email to parents whose students did not achieve at least 80% mastery.

I'm available for tutorials before school any day but Tuesday or after school on any day. Students must obtain a pass to attend any tutorial and those are available in my classroom.

Money Matters

Our major summative assessment over basic economics and consumer economics had some glitches since I allowed students to use their notes. Several students did not finish and Canvas would not allow them to resume at a later time. I did receive a 'fix' from Canvas and have posted an announcement to those students who did not finish instructing them to send me a Canvas conversation letting me know when they would like to finish. We'll apply the 'fix' and hopefully they can resume their assessment. If not, it's only fair to allow them to retake for full credit.

Our summative over checking accounts and reconciling bank statements began today and will finish up tomorrow. I'm expecting fantastic scores since we reviewed in class and only one students came by for tutoring!

We're studying taxes--the history, who is taxed, how much people are taxed, different kinds of taxes and students are actually completing a 1040EZ and a 1040A!


Several students did not turn in the Company Description of their business plan on 2/5. The summative has been posted and students have until 2/19/16 to submit for a max 80.

Students' logos with taglines were due yesterday, 2/16/16. I should have them graded and will post the retake as soon as possible.

I'm continuing to see a problem with certain students choosing to play games and visit unauthorized websites instead of utilizing their class time to complete these projects. I continue to block as many as possible, but unfortunately, the time wasted can't be recovered. Many businesses have programs installed on business computers to monitor sites visited and unpleasant consequences can result in unauthorized visits in the workplace.

We are working on Section III of our business plan--Description of Products and Services where students research the industry they've chosen. Instead of giving websites, I'm instructing students to locate appropriate data on their chosen industry. Wikipedia is not a viable resource, so students are having to be more creative in their searches. This is due on Friday, 2/19/16.

Early next week we'll be working on some marketing tools, including a business card, letterhead and a website.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

Other times by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom)

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