Effect's of a meteor hitting earth?

By: Joseph Chinn and Drew Dooley

How do meteors hit earth?

When a meteor hits earth, many things can happen a meteor is a giant rock from mainly made of iron, most meteors that come close to the earth were orignally from the astroid belt when meteors hit each other with enough force they can push each other out of the astroid belt, when this happens the astroids can get picked up by earth gravitational pull and start to rocket towards the earth hopefully they will just pass but if they hit the results can be catastrophic.

What happens when a meteor hits the earth?

When a meteor hits earth it causes catastrophic damage, a meteor flys at earth at a very high speed, when the meteor hits the atmosphere it starts to break apart but if its big enough it will break through when a meteor hits the surface it explodes and the smallest meteor the size of a bus can equal the power of the bomb drops on herosima.
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How we can stop a 'doomsday' asteroid
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Hayley's comet

Thursday, July 21st 2061 at 9pm


This is when hayley's comet will pass earth agian