Antonio Vivaldi

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Early Life

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy on March 4, 1678. Vivaldi was born into a family of eight siblings- four brothers and four sisters. Vivaldi didn't discover his passion for music until his made twenties. He began learning to be a priest when he was 15. Vivaldi faced many challenges, one of them was asthma. He called it "tightening of the chest. Vivaldi eventually began teaching music at the Ospedale della Pieta and he stayed there for 40 years.
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Map of Italy

This is a map of Italy, the country Vivaldi spent much of his life in. After working in the Ospidale della Pieta for 40 years, he left Italy. Vivaldi went to work for the emperor Charles VI, who also happened to be a former friend. VIvaldi worked for him until the death of Charles. Vivaldi also died a year after the death of Charles. The cause of the death was said to be "internal inflammation."
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

The Four Seasons

The 4 Seasons are probably Vivaldi's best known pieces of music. Each of The Four Seasons contain flute, harp, soprano, guitar, trio, or brass quintet. Surprisingly, the Four Seasons were not very well known until 50 years ago when violinist Louis Kaufmann played them on a CBS radio broadcast. Now, the Four Seasons are known all over the world and performed by orchestras everywhere.

Other Music

Vivaldi's other well known pieces are Gloria, Magnificat, La Cetra and La Stravaganza.


Vivaldi left a long lasting legacy on the music world. Many of his compositions are iconic and will be remembered forever. Pieces such as the Four Season will forever be played by orchestras all over the world.


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