Kelly Simpson's Team Recognition


Together The Team Sponsored 43 New to Arbonne Last Month TOGETHER WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Sponsorship Wall of Fame

17. . . Toshia Hylton
15. . . Christine Enderby Sharp
5 . . . Nichol Banks
2 . . . Maureen McElroy
2 . . . Rachael Henry
2 . . . Sam Tarde

No New Sponsorships, But Set Your Sights on December, and Let's Do This!

Darcy Sharp
Reese Poncia
Shelli Main
Andrea Hussey
Julie Fone
Travis Earl
Beth Snow
Patti Weisser
Tammy Yorton
Lisa Topping
Jennifer Okamoto
Karen Pierson
Heather Metz


TOSHIA HYLTON promoted to District Manager last month, and our amazingly talented and passionate new DM earned her DM Bonus this month for exceeding $5,000 in Retail Volume, and also earned her Grow Strong Bonus for doing it within the first month after promotion. She'll see and extra $400 in her paycheck. Toshia has set her sights on Area Manager this month, and I have NO doubt she'll do it! She has exceeded every goal we've set, because she shares her passion for Arbonne with EVERYONE she meets.

The SECRET TO SUCCESS this month is to take that incredible team you've built on this journey with you by teaching them to do exactly what you have done. Teach them to go District as soon as possible by booking their calendar, sharing what they love about Arbonne with as many people as possible, and pluging in to the incredible resources available to consultants. You have the formula ~ go share it!

CHRISTINE ENDERBY inspires me! She is so driven, determined, and courageous, nothing can stop her. Her Belief in Arbonne and in herself grows stronger every day...I see it...I am inspired by it! She is proving to everyone watching her that she's a sure bet. Don't bet against this girl! Christine told me at the beginning of November, she would promote this month, and she locked arms with her BFF, Nichol Banks, and together they exceeded all expectations.

The SECRET TO SUCCESS this month is to grow your team by sharing your success with as many people as you can, and letting them know it is so do-able. Teach them that they can earn while they build their plan B along side their current job. You have the road map, now go share it with others and help them do exactly what you have done. Get everyone on your team to District and beyond, and you go Area. When your team grows and succeeds, your success multiplies exponentially. Let's go Area!


Nichol Banks is in Qualification for District Manager

WOW! She signed up a few months ago just to "help" her friend, and as she saw how much fun her BFF was having, and that it IS possible to earn a paycheck, her curiosity was piqued. Her husband told her "I'm proud of you for doing this," and off she went! She attended our "Build it Big" training session in early November, drew inspiration from upline NVP Kirsten Costello, and me, rolled up her sleeves and went to work! Her mission was clear, and she followed her mentor, Christine Enderby's instructions, to get into DM qual. SO DARN PROUD OF YOU NICHOL!

Your SECRET TO SUCCESS this month is to share, share, share, and invite those people on your 100 person list to take a look at WHY you are so excited. Pick up the phone because people are busy and they may not respond to email or other passive forms of communication. Book a series of launch parties and let your upline (Christine, Darcy, Kirsten, me) help you grow your team. You have 30 days to reach DM, and every single day counts. During the Holiday Season we usually have many more opportunities to talk with people at social events and share! You've achieved the first step and you've watched your upline team achieve promotions all the way up the ladder to NVP. Bring others with you ... THAT is the key to your success.

Maureen "Mo" McElroy is in Qualification for District Manager

Mo holds a very special place in my heart. She's been by my side throughout the worst and the best of times...we're together forever! I could not be more thrilled to be sharing this incredible journey with this lady. She started by saying "yes" to a detox, became a BEAUTIFUL product of the product, and there it began! She shared her passion for the products and the lifestyle before she even signed up as a consultant. It was Belief that brought her here, and her Faith in what lies ahead that drives her now.

Your SECRET TO SUCCESS this month ~ We'll officially launch you this weekend, and with a month ahead to promote, here's my best advice: Put aside any thoughts about "what people will think" of a very successful person like you, selling products for a living, "doing that kind of job." You know you'll hear it, but it will present your perfect opportunity to educate them. Plug in, learn about the leaders in this business, and share the stories of 1000s of women and men from every walk of life achieving tremendous success, and changing lives, by doing EXACTLY what you are doing. There is a formula, and you are following it. Ask others if their J-O-B provides everything they want from a job...time freedom, flexibility, uncapped income, an opportunity to change/improve the lives of others; no commute, no alarm clock, no boss deciding when or if you can take a day off or a vacation, and the gift of working with people who inspire you, while being rewarded and recognized for your achievements every step of the way. In addition to a paycheck that reflects our efforts, we earn jewelry, cash bonuses, trips, and a new Mercedes Benz! Now really... do you have many friends who have "THAT KIND OF JOB?" Let's do this!!


RACHAEL HENRY & SAM TARDE we are so thrilled to have you on our team. Your launch party in November was a huge success in terms of sharing your passion for Arbonne products and the business opportunity with your sorority sisters. Now the fun part begins for you! Follow up, see how your clients like their results, and share, share, share how it is possible to build a thriving business while in college so that when you graduate you'll have choices that don't restrict your future. Entrepreneurship is the ONLY way to go!

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for both of you this month is to go District. Rachael, your were in qual and you know you can get there again! Let's draw your road map, and help Sam to do the same. They say "your mouth is your office, keep it open all the time," sharing your passion for the business opportunity and the products. If they want what you have, they must do what you do. We all have so much confidence in you, and we know you can build a thriving business. Let us help you succeed!!

Travis Jackson Earl

Welcome Travis! We can't wait to see what the future holds for you. You've made it clear that your passion lies within our nutrition line, having fallen in love with our Protein first. Let Toshia and your other upline leaders mentor you and help you grow a thriving business. The sky is the limit, and this is your vehicle. So thrilled to have you on board...Let's do this Travis! First step will be to launch...let us know when you are ready.

Karen Pierson

First of all Congratulations on the new bundle of joy in your family! New life is a miracle ~ what a blessing. So glad you put your faith in Tosh and joined her thriving business. When you are ready to build a business just do exactly what Tosh has done! We will mentor you, support you, teach and train you. As a consultant you already have access to all of tools you need to build a thriving business. Share what you love and love what you share!

The SECRET TO SUCCESS for you this month will be to launch your business, and plug in with other Arbonne leaders. Tosh can share with you her secrets to plugging in and teach and train you on where to find current information and tips on best practices.

J Okamoto

We love you J! So happy you've taken a leap of faith and joined us. The Arbonne journey is best when we share it with those we love, and your dear friend Tosh Hylton, loves you BIG!!! Let's launch a business that you can do on your own time, from wherever you are, and which has NO ceiling on income. You believe in the products, you believe in yourself, and you have my word you can absolutely, positively believe in Arbonne the company. Surround yourself with business partners you can count on ~ your best friends!

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for you are to engage. Reach out through social media and word of mouth and let others know what you are doing, and share your "Why." Let's launch your business, and build it big for you and Darren! Welcome J!!!