Erik the Red

Sydney Boykin

Counrty Represented

He was a Viking explorer representing Europe. He sailed to Iceland in 982 and then led a group of colonists to Greenland in 986. He was the first European to set foot in Greenland.

Time of Exploration

He sailed from Iceland to Greenland in 982. He explored Greenland and sailed several different places during the years 982-985. He returned to Iceland in 986 to take people there and colonize. He soon died in 1004. The last recorded voyage between Iceland and Greenland was in 1410.

Challenges faced during the voyage and the results

After hearing about the discovery of some small islands west of Iceland, Eric decided to set sail after he was banished for killing two men. He set sail towards the islands and landed on a small area of Greenland, he named it Midjokoll (meaning “middle glacier”). After that he then sailed south of the coast and landed on another coast and named it Eystribygd (meaning Eastern Settlement). He then sailed south to the southern tip of Greenland and explored the area. He called all this new land Greenland to sound pleasing to everyone so they could make a settlement even though it was covered in ice and harsh weather. This voyage was a challenge because Greenland was a very harsh and cold place with a lot of ice and glaciers making it hard to sail safely. The voyage was very successful for Erik because he was able to find land and colonize it.


Like many Vikings; Erik used a Knorr to sail. The Knorr is a ship which has a lage central mast and sail to make it easy for travel.

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Dear Reader, Winter of 982

We started out good; the seas were calm and the food was plentiful. Everyone started out healthy and the weather was great, but now I fear the worst. The seas are very rough and choppy, and the weather is terribly cold, windy, and rainy making it hard to see anything. The food and water supply is drastically low and now we have started to eat rats which only led to a lot of crew members getting sick and dying. We stated out with forty men but now it is just me and six other men. Sleeping conditions aren’t any better either. Some of us sleep in the cabins which get hot and muggy very quickly making it hard breath and others sleep on deck which is hard because they rick getting sick from the wet cold. This voyage was not as fun as I thought it would be. I hardly think I will survive so please tell my family I love them and I am sorry I failed.

-A Concerned Sailor


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