Mt. St Helens

by Madison and Kendra

General Information

Our volcano is Mt. St Helen's, which is located in Washington state in the U.S. The volcano is located is close to the city of Seattle. Mt. St Helen's is in the continent of North America.
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Plate Tectonics

The Juan de Fuca plate created the volcano Mt. St. Helen's. There is a convergent plate boundary creating the volcano, which means that the plates are moving towards each other and are colliding.
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Type of Volcano

Mount St. Helen's is a stratovolcano. A lava dome forms Mt. St. Helen's. The volcano produces explosive pyroclastic eruptions

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Effects of Mount St. Helens

Skamania country is near Mount St. Helen's. People are constantly putting their lives and their communities back together. Mt. st. Helen's just erupted in the year of 2008, so the volcano is most definitely still active. Mt. St. Helen's eruption history is very sporadic and has happened over many, many years. The volcano last erupted July 10, 2008. The hazards associated with Mt. St. Helen's include explosive eruptions, volcanic gas, volcanic ash, and pyrocrastic flows.
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