the ghost of crutchfield hall

by: mary downing hahn

about this book:

In this semi-scary story, when 12-year-old Florence moves to her great-uncle's country estate(who she never knew existed till then), she figures it has to be better than her previous home, a sad and lonley London orphanage. But she didn't count on a ghost! The presence is the ghost of her cousin, Sophia, who died in a tragic accident the year before. Determined to avenge her death, Sophia wants to re-create the accident and cause someone else to die in her place. That way, Sophia can come back to life. Even worse, she's forcing Florence to help her with her evil plan!(even know she dose not know it till like the end of the book)

who i would recomend this book to:

i would recommend this book to some one who likes horror and supernatural mysteries.


i would give this book(the ghost of crutchfield hall)a 4 out of 5 rating,because it had some grate twists and turns but the beginning was realy boring and slow.