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What sweet is the best for you

Different sweets

There are many different food. What sweets are for you .
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TIP on deciding which treat is best for you .

Your favorite sweet treat should express you . If you dont know and you cant decide make up a awesome , ok , and dad list of treats . Even if you cant pick you can always make you very own sweet treat .

The famous Tanaya. Which one will she choose .

On this late afternoon I interviewed Tanaya Henderson. Iasked her which sweet treat does she like . She said "Oreo cheesecake ". Why I asked . She simply said and I quote "cause it good ".I asked here what she thinks of Oreo cheesecake .She said " when she eats it she feels like she was 5 again . " She also said " I eat cheeesecake on a regluar basic . There you have it folks Tanayas a Oreo cheeesecake person. Check out her websit now.

Whats to do

Folks every personb has a different sweet . just like everyones different . So marshayla say GOOD BYE . I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS . COMMENT .

Ps. These are just some sweets check out my websit for more .