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Net Radiation

The earth is heated and cooled and some times the earth gets really hot and really cold depending on the mouth when the mouthes change the weather changes and it can get hoter or colder it can be good and bad at the same time but there are a lot of people that like the cold weather.
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Cloud Fraction

In addition to their role as rain and snow makers in Earth’s water cycle, clouds play a huge part in Earth’s energy budget the balance of energy that enters and leaves the climate system. Clouds may have a warming or cooling influence depending on their altitude type and when they form.

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Carbon Monoxide

Colorless odorless and poisonous, carbon monoxide is one of the six huges air pollutants regulated in the United States and in many other nations around the world. When carbon based fuels, such as coal, wood, and oil, burn half way or completely they produce carbon monoxide.

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Water Vapor

Water is constantly cycling through the atmesphere. Water evaporates from the Earth’s surface and rises on warm updrafts into the atmesphere. It condenses into clouds is blown by the wind and then falls back to the Earth as rain or snow. This cycle is one important way that heat and energy are pasted from the surface of the Earth to the atmesphere and transported from one place to another on our planet.

Water vapor is also the most important greenhouse gas in the atmesphere.

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