Brittany Wenger

Fast Facts

Continent: Asia

Capital: Beijing

Population: 1 ,367,485,388

Area: 3,705,405 square miles

Main Languages: Chinese

Main Religion: They believe in gods and spirits

Distance from China to Washington D.C: 6971.5 miles


In China they love to play basketball. They also like table tennis, swimming, soccer and badminton. Yao Ming was the first basketball super star. The boys are the ones that usually play basketball, dancing and playing pool. Women usually do yoga.


They celebrate two golden weeks. The two golden weeks is only a week long. They celebrate Chinese New Years. On Chinese New Years the kids get red envelopes full of money, clothing and/or other gifts.


Each Religion has different food. Some eat rice. They also eat pork beef, duck or chicken. If they have soup it is usually covered with sauce or cooked veggies. When they eat food they use chopsticks. If they eat noodles they use chopsticks. Wouldn't that be hard?

Things I wanna do

I want to see the basketball superstar Yao Ming. I also want to see how they celebrate Chinese New Year. I never tried duck before so I am hoping to try that. All the buses I ride are not private so I want to ride a private bus. This might be hard but I would like to try to eat noodles with chopsticks.
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China flag

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Ducks at the market

These are the ducks the people but in China. I want to try one. I feel sorry for those ducks. They have to get eaten by people. I don't think I would like duck.


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