Flute Recital

By: Emma Kulla

Larry Clark

Larry Clark was born on September 20, 1963 and is still alive today. He works for the Carl Fischer as the vice president but works as the editor- in- chief. His pieces have been presented around the world and played at festivals and contests. He gives most of his credit to his father, a long time band director for Florida. He has a master degree in music education from Florida State University and a Masters Degree in Conducting and Composition from James Madison University. He composes music for levels from beginners to college ensembles.

Morning Reflections

Tuesday, May 3rd, 1pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

Emma Kulla

Emma Kulla has won many awards for her flute playing. She has learned to play at Discovery Middle School, from her amazing teachers, Mrs. Stotts. She has one dog and one bird, also she has one brother and her mother and father.She loves to dance and is on her competition team at her studio. This year she has just joined the FM Ballet Company. She also learned to play the piano and has played for 3 years now.

Word bank

Cantabile- in a smooth singing style
mp- mezzo piano- moderately soft

Slur- a curved line which connects notes of a different pitch

mf- mezzo forte- moderately loud

crescendo- a gradual loudness in the music

f- forte- loud

4/4- top 4= 4 beats per measure/ bottom 4= quarter note gets one beat

Multiple Measure Rest- how many measures to rest

Treble Clef- indicates the position of names of a note on the music staff

rit.-Ritardando- gradually slow tempo

Rubato- expressive and rhythmic freedom by a slight speeding up and then slowing down of the tempo

Fermata- hold the note

p- piano- softly


I have enjoyed this project very much. It has helped me explore my horizons in flute playing. I have learned so much about my composer and arrangers in this process. This project has led me to help with my breath support with this song. My favorite part about this project was making the smore because I really enjoy putting it all together.