Listen Up!

Surround students with spoken sophisticated vocabulary

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Children must be good listeners before they can become great students.

Tales2Go believes every student can achieve academic success through repeated exposure to sophisticated words, spoken fluently and in context. Yet most students do not have such an exposure, which is the root cause of the word gap.

Students need to be good listeners in order to become good readers, which is why the South Carolina State Standards elevate listening to a skill equivalent to reading, writing and speaking. In fact, some assessments include a listening component which ties to specific grade-level listening standards.

Tales2Go breaks new ground on making it easier to add a listening component to reading instruction - both in the classroom and at home. We give educators and students instant, unlimited and simultaneous access to 5,400 name-brand audio books from leading publishers on any desktop, laptop and most mobile devices. The catalog spans Pre K through 8th grade, fiction and nonfiction, and even Spanish language titles.

Tales2Go is in use in leading schools and districts around the country, including schools in Broward County (FL), Los Angeles (CA), and Berkeley (CA).