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Another great camp!

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Sand Camp

Why go all the way down to the beach when you can hang out closer to home and play on the sand at UD? This type of camp will be offered this summer as well and is a GREAT way to condition in the off season...and also work on your tan. Because that's important. Tanning.

Team Camp

I am going to strongly recommend that those players seriously interested in playing at the Varsity level next year try to attend this camp. The cost is $135 per player for 10 players. If 11 or 12 players attend on one team the cost would go down per player. While you're here you'll get instruction from UD Volleyball Coaches and also get to work on other aspects of the "T.E.A.M" concept. You will also learn the basics of volleyball techniques practiced in the AHS volleyball program through explicit instruction. The coaching you will receive at this camp will come from people who care and are dedicated to seeing your skills improve. Click here for a brochure.

I would ideally like to send two teams of 10-12. Please email me with your interest and have have your monies to me by March 1, 2016.

Youth Camp

Have a little sister who's not quite old enough to attend high school yet, but is still interested in volleyball? Delaware Volleyball has youth camps as well! These are half day sessions geared for girls ages 5-10. I coached at some youth clinics during this past season and they were a blast. The girls come out and have a lot of fun and get to learn a bit as well. Click here to get more information on youth camps.

Some Reminders:

  • Attendance or lack thereof to the above camps is not mandatory, nor does it guarantee that you will be placed on a certain team, if any, for the 2016-2017 AHS Volleyball season.
  • It is possible that you will still make a 2016-2017 volleyball team for AHS even if you don't attend a Delaware Volleyball Camp
  • It is also possible you can attend a Delaware Volleyball Camp and still not make an AHS volleyball team for the 2016-2017 season
  • The information about the camps is provided to you to do with as you wish :)

Contact Me

If you guys have any questions let me know. As I receive more information about camps, I'll forward it along to you. You can also follow me on Instagram @the_branderson. Most posts are volleyball related. Some have the honor of being math related:) Have fun!