Save The Rainforest

We need to find a cure for cancer.

What's Wrong With The Rainforest?

Trees are getting cut down and we need to save the trees and flowers to make medicine.

How Can You Help?

You can help by doing a fundraiser or a bake sale to make money. Then give the money to an organization. By giving your money to an organization, they will collect all the money to make and get medicine in the rainforest. There are many different types of flowers or plants for medicine, to cure cancer or a disease.
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Reasons Why You Should Care About The Rainforest

- People and animals are losing their home. Please help and save them. Many animals are becoming extinct.

- 25% of the medicine comes from the rainforest.

- About 5-25% of plant species have been found, so find more plants to cure something.

- Vanilla, chocolate, bananas, etc. all have been discovered from the rainforest.

- We get a lot of oxygen from the rainforest to breathe.

- Cutting down rainforest will lead to erosion.

- Rainforest getting cut down will affect our climate.