Karli M

My wonderful life <3

About my family <><><><><><

My mom is a bit strict but not much. My dad is lazy and sometimes a bit strict at us. I have 3 brothers they're names are: Shayne,Cailean and Gordon. My brother Cailean doesn't live with us cause i think he still lives in Alberta with his dad. My brother Shayne lives in Kitchener with his dad. Sometimes he comes over to our house. My brother gordon lives with me he is a little mean and annoying.

About my pets ^-^

I have 4 dogs And 1 cat and here are there names. Dogs: Scooter,Nikita,Sky and Buddy Cats: Larry. My dog Scooter scratch's me a lot outside. My dog Nikita Doesn't stay out at night cause she sleeps in her cage. My dog sky Comes inside at night to sleep in my Mom and dad's bed. Last is my dog Buddy he comes in the garage sometimes but not a lot he is really nice but is old. :( My cat Larry is nice to he once escaped outside but I picked him up and putted him inside the house.

What i love and like ^O^

I like playing with my friends. I like lollipops, Mint candies, Chocolate bars, Monkey bars, I like lots of ice cream. List: Mint, Strawberry, Cotton candy and Vanilla
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Here is Sky

She is sooo nice!
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Here is Larry

He is old and fluffy :D

Now you know about me :D

Hope that was enough information about me :D Have a good day bye!