Decimals in the Real World....

Can You Find Them?

decimals are everywhere

when you go to the gas station and fill up your car with gas you are paying with decimals. the price for the gas is usually a decimal. decimals are everywhere. sometimes there in disguise like the gas price. In this situation its disguised as a price.

Multiplying Decimals

when you multiply decimals you need to line up the the decimal and then just do the rest of the problem like you always do. when you have the answer you just add back the decimal. One example is if you are buying ten pencils and each one cost 50 cents then you would've to multiply that by ten. another example is if you buy 10 bags of chips and each one costs 1.50 you have to multiply it by ten. if your still not sure about when to multiply decimals then check this out. if you buy ten books each for 10.60. then you would have to multiply the decimal

you can find them!

Dividing Decimals

When you divide a decimal you need to take away the decimal and then proceed as usual. When you are done with the problem you need to add the decimal back. Say that you are in a restaurant and you need to divide the price among your 10 friends and if the price was $11 then you would need to divide. another example is say that you are buying a bouncy house for your birthday party and if your 5 friends split the price then you would need to divide the decimal. if your still not sure then then check out this other example. your friends buy ten cans for a food drive. if you split the price then you would need to divide.

We can find Decimals together!