The Princess Bride

by Katie Schauer

Comparing and Contrasting Book to Movie (Settings)

The settings that are the same in the movie and book include the Fire Swamp, the Farm, the castle, and the Cliffs of Insanity because nothing changes from the book to the movie in those settings.

Settings that are different from the book to the movie include...

  • the Zoo of Death because it is never featured in the movie.
  • the Pit of Despair because it was never in the book.
  • the Thieves Forest because in the movie Fezzik has a little house in it.
  • the Florin Channel because in the book there is a different sequence with Buttercup's escape.
Those are the setting differences from movie to book.

Comparing and Contrasting book to movie (Characters)

There are a few characters that never change in both versions of the story. These characters include Buttercup, Westley , Vizzini , and Inigo just to name a few.

Characters that changed from the book to the movie:

  • Fezzik changed because in the book one of the few things he is good at is rhyming, but in the movie he only does that once.
  • Humperdinck changed from the book to the movie because in the book he is a ruthless killer and he loves war, but in the movie he is a little more toned back.
  • Count Rugen is a psycho who loves inflicting pain on others in the book, but in the movie he claims he is just writing a dissertation on pain.

Comparing and Contrasting Book to Movie (plot)

Even though the movie did an excellent job of sticking to the book there were a few spots where the plots differed. Only the spots where it differs will be listed below. There are so many differences it would require at least three additional pages.

Plot differentiation's:

  • The Zoo of Death chapter with Inigo and Fezzik was replaced by a scene with the Pit of Despair and a secret door.
  • The hat obsessed princess was only in the book, but it helped move the story along without her in it.
  • The book gives you a background on Inigo and his need for revenge while the movie sums it up in a few short lines.
  • In the movie they cut out a few scenes involving Humperdinck and the king discussing the future of the kingdom.

Compare and Contrast Book to Movie (resolution)

The ending of both versions are very good but yet again, there are differences.

Ending differences:

  • In the movie Westley and Inigo have a conversation about becoming a pirate.
  • The book the priest has hearing problems and speech problems, but in the movie he has a weird accent.
  • In the book they go into depth with the type of dagger Buttercup tries to commit suicide with, in the movie they just show her picking up the dagger.
  • In the book the story ends with Fezzik, Inigo, Buttercup and Westley getting on to the pirate ship "Revenge". While the movie ends with them riding away on the stolen horses.