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The scorpion is generally believed to be responsible for the death of Orian, the scorpion stung Orian in response to his boast that he can defeat any beast.

When Its Visible

Scorpius is only visible at the middle of March, it starts to disseparing in the middle of August, It is completely gone by the middle of September.

Scorpions Tail

2 stars at the end of the end of the scorpions tail that appear very close together, at they are sometimes called the "Cat Eye".

The Night Sky

Scorpious crawls across the southern sky. The scorpion once had claws, but they were cut off by Julius Ceaser to form the constellation Libra. Antares is an brilliant Red super giant star at the heart of the scorpion


Scorpious is Latin for scorpion, it is somtimes called scorpio ( the zodiac sign ). Scourpious is a zodiac constellatoon