The Spanish - American War

By: Jermeisha Conner

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The various battles of Cuba

News Reporting: Fighting has begun in Cuba, the U.S Navy quickly to set up the blockade of Havana and the north coast of Cuba. President McKinley ordered troops to sail for Santiago. The plan is to join the navy there and engage the Spanish.There are many forces along with

Cuba including African Americans and Indians.Also volunteers are coming in from regiments. As the way is beginning Roosevelt quit as being post secretary and is now fighting in the war. Together he joined the U.s Calvary which are also known as the Rough Riders. Roosevelt then charged up Kettle Hill, while other forces fight in another battle for San Juan Hill. By the night time the U.S Army had taken the ridge. The rest of the war went by really quickly, The American navy destroyed the Spanish squadron as it tried to leave Santiago harbor, The U.S captured Puerto Rico,Spain agreed to a peace settlement 4 months later the war is over.

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A New Power on the World Stage

The cartoon refers to the classing views on the Philippines in the presidential election of 1900. Democrat William Jennings Bryan argues that the islands should be independent. President McKinley and the Republicans declared that American control was needed to keep law and order. Leading opponents were the members of the Anti-Imperialist League, an organization of formed during the war to oppose the establishment of the U.S. colonies. For four years the United States ruled Cuba under a military government, This government improved sanitation and built schools and roads. But many Cubans resented American control. They believed that the occupation violated the sport of the Treaty of Paris and the Teller Amendment, which pledged the united states to leave the island after the war was over. The Unites States finally withdrew from with its troops in 1902, but only after Cuba added provisions to its constitution to protect American interest, Those provision were called Platt Amendment.